Use IT Pursuit to install a new Wifi network in your business or extend a current one.

Everyone knows how important Wifi is and how those 'not-spots' around your premises can be both frustrating and can lead to missed messages, emails or calls. 

We use industry leading technology to provide you with a stable, secure and reliable Wifi connections in your home and business. 

  • Eliminate Wifi not-spots in your home or business
  • Roaming network to allow for seamless switch-over between access points maintaining and stable connection where ever you are
  • Indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Fast and reliable connection throughout your home or business
  • Multiple networks for your staff, guests. 
  • Timed network to allow you to automatically switch off to stop when you don't want it used
  • Full view of network usage to track what is being used on your network
  • Bandwidth control
  • Voucher system or charge for access or limit amount of time. 

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Customer Comments

IT Pursuit took over from a previous provider and I couldn't be happier with the service, everything was explained and arranged for me.

Bob Stevenson

We moved over to IT Pursuit and are very happy, excellent support and communication


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