We all know just how important a stable broadband connection is to running a successful business. 

We have all been there, you just want it to 'work'. Downtime is frustrating for your employees, managers and your customers. All connections are monitored 24 hours a day by us allowing you to get on with serving your customers. 

We offer a range of reliable business grade broadband services to suit your needs. 

Leased Lines

From 1mbit to 10Gbit with a direct connection to the internet with no contention. A Leased line provides provides your business with the ultimate stable, reliable and secure connection you can rely on when you need it. You can flex your bandwidth to your needs. 

For example a school requires a much faster connection during term time, during holidays this can be reduced to save money when no one is using the service. 

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Fibre Broadband (FTTC / FTTP)

Fibre Broadband has revolutionised the way a connection is delivered to the UK, IT Pursuits Business Fibre packages allow your business to take advantage of these additional speeds. 

Fibre to the cabinet provides a speed of up to 78Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. 
Fibre to the premise provides a much faster speed of up to 330Mbps and 30Mbps upload. 

Fibre Broadband is not yet available in all areas, contact us to find out if it is available to you. 

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Business Grade ADSL is available to customers in the UK, with speeds of up to 24Mbps ADSL has proven a reliable choice for business owners up and down the country. with lower contention ratio's than residential broadband our business ADSL are the obvious choice for your business needs.  

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Customer Comments

IT Pursuit took over from a previous provider and I couldn't be happier with the service, everything was explained and arranged for me.

Bob Stevenson

We moved over to IT Pursuit and are very happy, excellent support and communication


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